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Veritatis Splendor

"Keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith" --Hebrews 12:2

Pope Benedict XVI before our Lord

And only where God is seen does life truly begin. Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is. We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution.
Each of us is the result of a thought of God.
Each of us is willed,
each of us is loved,
each of us is necessary.
There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him and to speak to others of our friendship with Him.
~Pope Benedict XVI, Homily April 24th, 2005

Thursday, August 19, 2004


After spamming my e-mail contact list too many times to count, I have decided that for all concerned it may be best for me to attempt to do the "blog thing" instead... :) Anyone else who happens to wander in here is also welcomed with joy!

First things first...

What is "Veritatis Splendor"? Well, apart from being the title of a fabulous encyclical (ie, a letter) from our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, my blog's title means "Splendor of Truth". If you know me, then you know how fitting that title is for my blog! Like St. Augustine, I yearn for God, for His Truth and His Love, and "my heart is restless until it rests in Thee" (Confessions, Book I).

In my journey through life, I have come to have complete faith in Jesus Christ and in the Church that He founded - the Catholic Church, the Church containing the fullness of the "Splendor of Truth" of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! By the grace of Jesus Christ alone, through His gifts of the Church and sacraments, I confidently say that I have been saved, I am being saved, and I hope to be saved!

I pray that you too, may continue to seek the Truth in love, to one day share the joy of Heaven with our Lord and all of His angels and His saints! After all, "life is short, but eternity is long!" (John Henry Cardinal Newman)

I entrust this blog to the patronages of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Dominic, St. Thomas More, and St. Gianna Molla -- may we see their examples of courage and fidelity as our model for Christian discipleship, and may they and all the saints in heaven pray for us!

"Lord, in my love for the Truth, let me never forget the truth about Love."
-St. Thomas Aquinas


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