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Veritatis Splendor

"Keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith" --Hebrews 12:2

Pope Benedict XVI before our Lord

And only where God is seen does life truly begin. Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is. We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution.
Each of us is the result of a thought of God.
Each of us is willed,
each of us is loved,
each of us is necessary.
There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him and to speak to others of our friendship with Him.
~Pope Benedict XVI, Homily April 24th, 2005

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Catholic "Rampage" in Indonesia after incident at Mass

Uh-oh... Whatever the real story is behind this, it can't be good for Christian/Muslim relations in Indonesia.

Apparently something happened at a Mass in Indonesia this Ash Wednesday morning... there are conflicting reports about what exactly took place. What seems to be certain is that a non-Catholic man took Communion and did not consume it, and caused a response by multiple upset Catholics at the Mass... apparently the priest interceded and escorted the man away to protect him, and the bishop had to step in and speak to the crowd.

What exactly the man did to cause such a stir is unclear... The Melbourne Australia news is saying that the Catholic "mob" torched a police post after they saw the man "allegedly crushing the communion wafer during morning mass." The Jakarta Post is saying that the man "refused a Roman Catholics holy wafer during a Mass...did not immediately swallow the wafer, but kept it."

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Catholic Rampage after Protestant Refuses Mass Wafer

Melbourne Herald Sun - Catholic mob burns police post

Jakarta Post - Riot under control in Atambua after bishop steps in

Al-Jezeera - Indonesian Christains go on rampage


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